Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trusting God with our Children

One of the young moms at Girltalk recently wrote about a very important lesson that she is still learning: trusting God with her children. Her son Liam struggles in several areas of development and is currently being helped by special education classes.
Kristin from Girltalk writes:
One small, yet often-too-big fear is about my middle son, Liam. At an early age, Brian and I began to notice some delays in his speech. When we would go to his doctor and answer the standard questions he was never falling in the “normal” range. In fact, the doctor’s developmental questions almost seemed designed to exacerbate my fears. (You know the ones I’m talking about - Does your child stack blocks? Draw a circle? Say twenty words or more?) By two years of age, Liam was still not talking much or answering my questions- he would simply repeat the question back to me.
At times, I would respond to these delays with fear and anxiety. I wanted him to be typical, just like any other kid. I would worry about his future. Would he be able to grow up and become a husband, father, and provide for a family? These are not bad things to want for our children. But I was not trusting God for the perfect way he had created my Liam.

As Kristin prays for her son and dreams about his future, she thinks about her son from God's perspective as laid out in Psalm 139. Our job as Christian parents is to align ourselves with God's purposes for our children which depending on the manner in which He made them and designed them, may be far different than what we idealistically plan for. I credit Jean Fleming's book A Mother's Heart for teaching me that concept.
You can read the entirety of Kristin's post here at girltalk.blogs.com

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