Thursday, September 20, 2007

And speaking of shopping across the border...

Here's what wonderfulness my shopping efforts afforded me last week.

Missing from the picture: paint trays, liners, and rollers, and let's see, two dozen eggs for $2.72 and some black oil sunflower seeds for the bird feeder. It was a good day. Even if I had to produce a driver's license and signature for the purchase of Advil Cold & Sinus from the Walmart Pharmacy counter, it was worth the process. I only paid $8.12 for 40 capsules. That's cheap and since my husband took the last two capsules to work this morning, it was a timely purchase.
And the Airwick refills are less than half of what our Walmart charges. And who wouldn't want to buy greeting cards at the American rate? The soap pump is a good catch that I've been meaning to have in our bathroom.
And the Bright Starts baby linking toys in the plastic canister are the best little toy ever. I highly recommend them as a baby gift!
My husband loves his peanut butter crackers and lo the pantry cupboards were bare this past week, so at 2/$3 I picked up two big packs. Those brown Sterilite storage baskets on the left are exactly what I've been looking for for our storage shelves in the laundry room. And at $2.17 each, I grabbed up the last four on the shelf!
The tablecloth pictured in the back row is a make-do for now. It's a reversible print and for $12.99, it will get me through the fall season. But I intend to keep looking as my tablecloths have dwindled down to only two and they both show signs of use, which is why I picked up that new tub of OxyClean. With baby "juices" looming on our horizon, I needed to restock that perfectly marvelous stain remover before the new bibs and burp clothes show up.
I don't think my husband can enter into the joys of my American shopping, that even a stroll through the grocery store brings a thrill to my heart. The brands I grew up with and the prices that make yummy stuff affordable. It's a perfect match.
Want some examples of what I'm talking about?

How about these three delicious imports?

Breakstone Cottage Cheese, best ever for firm yet creamy small curd. This is part of a four-pack of individual serving sizes which means you only open the one you're going to eat! Breakstone also makes the best sour cream.
The Milky Way bar is probably my favorite chocolate bar. Nougat with a layer of carmel enrobed in chocolate. The Three Musketeers bar is similar except it does not have the delicious carmel. Here in Canada the Mars bar is apparently the same as the Milky Way, but I have yet to try it.
And finally, Pepperfridge Farm frozen cakes. Yummy. The two we had most often at home were the Coconut and the Devil's Food which has a white frosting. And since my husband usually passes up on cake, I get to eat it all, one delicious piece at a time. The Coconut one pictured above was immediately cut in half and shared with my neighbor as it was her first introduction into Pepperfridge Farm cakes. She has since bought two more in the last week in subsequent border-crossing trips. I think I've hooked her!


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    What are these baby linking toys and who makes them? Grammy has got to re-enter the baby world and I have to admit, I feel very much out of touch.

    Debbie L.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Cut and paste this link for a product description.
    They are perfect for little hands needing a quiet toy for church or for a little mouth needing a taste!
    I gave a pack to my twin nephews for their 1st birthday and they played with them immediately.
    Unfortunately, I don't think the Canadian stores carry this company, Bright Starts.
    But they are sold by Walmart, ToysRus and BabiesRus in the states.
    They are made in China, which is not exactly reassuring as of late, but it's hard to boycott such cute toys!

  3. Well hello Martha Stewart...........I think you've missed your calling....sales!


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