Thursday, September 27, 2007

A collection of pics

Where Nico spends 99% of her day. We call it cat tv.

Ever wondered where the phrase,"sticking your oar in" came from? I think I know.

Local summer medical staff. Experienced and ready to help. Doctor, nurse and 'blood guy'. Specializing in doll care.

A family first for us, amusement rides and village fairs, starting with the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel went a lot faster than I remembered but we all enjoyed the ride and the view.

Down the giant slide with Daddy...two times!

This one was a favorite, the ever popular merry-go-round.

And now for something a little more daring...a dragon roller coaster ride!

Here we go! (Unseen is one of our son's girl playmates who we happened upon at the fair and wanted to go on some rides with him.) No wonder he could be so brave!

'Johnny Appleseed' checking the harvest. He also mentioned wanting a ladder like this for his new bed. Yeah, we'll get right on that!

The 2nd Annual Get-Lost-In-The-Corn-Maze-And-Take-A-Cheater-Path-To-Get-Out-The-Same-Day Victory Cheer

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