Thursday, November 20, 2008

some like it hot...

In what have so far have been vain attempts to keep the local squirrel population from continually feasting at our bird feeder, I am upping the ante today.
I have liberally dumped in cayenne pepper in hopes that the squirrels are not little Tex-Mex immigrants who like their food hot and spicy.
In the last week or so, I have just sprinkled the seeds and mixed it in. However after seeing a blue jay leave empty-beaked? this morning, I knew I had to shovel the pepper in next time.
Here's why:
The easiest way to convince squirrels that they aren’t welcome at your feeder is also a natural and environmentally friendly one. Squirrels and other mammals can taste the hot sensation of the capsaicin in chili peppers, but birds do not. One taste is all it would take for a squirrel to learn his lesson and move on to other feeding grounds. There are commercially available capsaicin mixtures especially designed for use in birdfeeders, or you can make your own potent additive using ground cayenne pepper. Just sprinkle the powder over the seeds and mix them gently before filling the feeder. But don’t stir them vigorously or stand over the feeder while you pour them in, or you’ll endure a cloud of hot pepper fumes—and be sure to wash your hands afterward so you don’t get it in your eyes accidentally.

I have been assured by my neighbor that if I offered the squirrels peanuts, they would no longer be interested in the birdseed. Of course that makes me think, do I want the squirrels being any more nutty than they already are?
Btw, I'm no scrooge when it comes to birdseed; I buy black-oil sunflower seeds, the caviar of bird food.


  1. hahaha!... the things we do to "select" the ones that we feed!...

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    You're on the front lines of the battle up there:-)

  3. Well, when you have a bunch of Mexican squirrels doing the hat dance in your yard, don't tell me about it! No wait, on the other hand, do. That'd be hilarious!


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