Friday, May 01, 2009

Thoughts on my husband: Part 1

Posts like these are often written in celebration of an anniversary as you pause to remind yourself of why you married your husband. This is post is like that but different. Different because although our anniversary is making its way here, May 10th to be exact, I have been pondering these things for the better part of a year and in a semi-recent phone conversation with my mom, mentioned these thoughts to her in passing. Since then I have returned to them more frequently in my mind enough so that I thought they should be written down and shared.
The other reason this post is different is because I did not realize many of these things about my husband when I married him therefore this was not a reason for me to marry him but an interesting benefit later to be recognized.
Let me get straight to the point. Marrying my husband, Shane was the best decision I have ever made. Before you gag on the sweetness, let me explain a little history.
I was twenty-five when I met my husband and we began dating. I later turned twenty-six exactly two months before we were married. Not that young, but a reasonable age to understand what is important to you in a husband and friend. He, by way of reference was twenty-one when we began dating and twenty-two when we married.
I had finished my teaching degree and had a couple of years of teaching experience while he was in the final years of finishing his engineering degree. I had multiple boyfriends and hook-ups throughout high school and college. He had one letter-writing girl interest. So I brought the proverbial baggage and he brought little female experience, with not even a sister to grow up with. So we marry and I move far away from family, friends and church to Canada to be with my new husband and his university commitments. One aspect we did have in common was our church denominational upbringing which strangely enough we never considered a denomination. We were both raised Plymouth Brethern, which means we were really like-minded in our approach to marriage and raising children amongst other things.
Less than two years later, we have a baby son and I had been reading theology books from my father-in-law's(and husband's growing)library. As I read these books, I discussed what I was learning with my husband. Unknownst to me, his family had embraced a theological position that was different than what was preached and taught in the Plymouth Brethern. Ignorant of many theological distinctions and viewpoints, I was now up to my eyeballs in new things to consider. I had married a Calvinist and was completely unaware how different this would make my life.

To be continued...

Photo: Longwood Gardens, married one week.


  1. very interesting! yes, i can see how that would change your life!

    i didn't know any PB until i met ann voskamp. i didn't really know about calvinism until i came online, for that matter. :)

    i'm a total mutt and so is my husband, but that seems to be the way God works with real labels to stick on ourselves. sometimes i love that, sometimes i wish i could just put a name on my forehead and live within that definition.

    i will look forward to reading more about you and your hubby. and congrats on your anniversary!

  2. Thanks for being here, Tonia. I didn't know Ann had a PB connection.


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