Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympic moments

Since I'm only seeing Canadian coverage of the Olympics, I thought I'd go check out what the Americans were saying on CNN and Sports Illustrated(SI). Oh my. This article made me laugh out loud in several places in complete agreement.
Alexandre Bilodeau Gives Canada Reason to Cheer

Just a little friendly ribbing between friends.

Note: We did watch the medal ceremony late last night and I WAS singing along spontaneously with the thousands of Canadians as their national anthem was played in honor of Bilodeau's accomplishment. So I'm not completely without Canadian pride, you see. And the fact that after seven+ years of living here, I can say I do know most of the words to the anthem, until they sing those parts in French sometimes...then I mumble. :)

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  1. Norma4:53 AM

    way to go my canadian friend!!! who would have thought to see this on your post.. hAHAHA!. HAVE A VERY CANADAN DAY. Norma


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