Wednesday, February 03, 2010

her little face


  1. Adrian12:41 PM

    Beautiful pics...

  2. Her little face... the little side sweep of hair... the pink and blue and white stripes... *sigh*. She's precious.

    Thank you for stopping by my little place tonight! My playlist is at the bottom of my page, and the first song is Chris Rice's Sleepyhead Sun- I think that, at least, is what Tamara was referring to. Ann's music is so peaceful, yes.


  3. Heather6:27 PM

    Thank you Elise! We love her too! Thanks for correcting me! :)

  4. Heather6:29 PM

    Adrian, your wife doesn't like being left out! lol. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. That lil' Down's baby looks like she experiences a lot of different emotions in a short period of time.

    Based on that second pic from the bottom, I wouldn't wanna mess with her. She wants to pick a fight, that's for sure. :)

  6. Norma3:39 AM

    she is super cute!! and BIG!!. love the pics.

  7. Heather9:21 AM

    Joel, that's the look she gave when we told her you were coming over. :)

  8. Nannie's little girl is growing up...without me:-(

  9. Diane Freeman7:47 AM

    Thanks for the blog and pictures. I followed from
    the site for Remembering Tim. That was a good thing to set up. I love the pictures of your kids. They certainly are growing up quickly. Liked the lost tooth ones as well. Would like to meet the new ones in person. Keep on serving the Lord and bringing those kids up in His Way. What a blessing! Thanks


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