Wednesday, March 17, 2010

for whatever it is

When we get everyone settled at the table, we grab, hopefully clean hands and we give thanks for the food that is about to be eaten. In our strange way of speaking English, we usually refer to this time as praying for the food. And the type of prayer offered is always one of thanksgiving unless you're the cook, and then it turns into a quick supplication, and please let it taste right, amen.
Giving thanks is of course popular in most every culture. Some like ours, even have national holidays to help us focus our thoughts. And around that time of year, Christians (rightly) lament that the world around us doesn't even acknowledge who they are supposed to be thanking. But since we're heading into the planting season, that's not the topic of this post.
Our traditions of giving thanks before a meal are often accompanied by uncertain rules. Do we have to pray over this granola bar we're having at the playground? Should we give thanks after we gone through the drive-through or does that only apply if we go in and sit? Do drinks count as food? If so, do you count each recommended glass of water chugged down throughout the day? Does the breakfast prayer include anything before 12:00 sharp? Whew, when did this praying for food get so complicated? Thankfully we have the Bible to help us focus on what is most important, being thankful for all of it. And again thankfully, we have pastors and teachers who instruct us in our application of the Word.
Sanctified by Word and Thanks
Teaching our children to rightly give thanks for the food (and drink) set before us is a biblical command, not a cultural norm. God's children should know the difference and love to honor it.

photo: my birthday cake from last week, baked by my visiting mom; it's angel food cake stuffed with chocolate cool whip. very thankful.


  1. Hi Heather! Great reminder to teach our children to honor God through thankfulness and prayer--thank you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Cake looks very yummy. I'm enjoying your blog, Heather, and hoping to frequent it more often. You've packed it with so many interesting topics that I hardly know where to begin to catch up!


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