Sunday, March 28, 2010

Psalm singing done well

I have mentioned here before that the Reformed Presbyterian church we attend sings out of a Psalter exclusively. While we do not agree with this position known as Exclusive Psalmody (this exchange is helpful), we do believe in singing the word of God for His glory and our benefit.
This video clip is from Douglas Wilson's church which sings the Psalms but not exclusively nor without instrumentation. This particular song is from Psalm 119:169-176 (known as Psalm 119X). Lyrics are written out below so you learn your part and sing along. :)

Before Thee Let My Cry Come Near from Daniel Foucachon on Vimeo.

Full post here: Psalms as Musical Ballast
Have the Psalter but not familiar with all the tunes? Use this site to play each Psalm's melody.

Before Thee let my cry come near,
O Lord; true to Thy word, teach me.
Before Thee let my pleading come;
True to Thy promise rescue me.

Since Thou Thy statutes teachest me,
O let my lips Thy praise confess.
Yea, of Thy word my tongue would sing,
For Thy commands are righteousness.

Be ready with Thy hand to help,
Because Thy precepts are my choice.
I’ve longed for Thy salvation, LORD,
And in Thy holy law rejoice.

O let Thine ordinances help;
My soul shall live and praise Thee yet.
A straying sheep, Thy servant, seek,
For Thy commands I ne’er forget.


  1. Wow. It has always been my favourite Psalm to sing, but I have never heard it sung quite like that before. . . Wow.

  2. Heather11:14 AM

    Jo, so glad you found it as wonderful as we did here.

  3. One of our (Christ Reformed Church) favorites as well. We sing the parts too but there is nothing like a great multitude of trained voices. Thanks for posting this!

  4. nice!! there is so much more practice we need in our church!! haha!.. My church does not have many great voices.. (ME!)... thanks for posting..

  5. One of my favorite Psalms. The church we attend sings Psalms exclusively.

    1. Thanks Sarah. Our former church did as well. We still sing them at home and sometimes at church.


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