Saturday, November 20, 2010

this place

Pardon me as I share a bit more of myself with you. I don't often lapse into a mood of sentiment but this place brings out my poetic spirit. I hope you can endure it.

Pictures help us remember an exact moment but they cannot replace the actual moment as we remember it. At least that's how I often feel when I capture an image and look back at it later. So when I took these images less than two weeks ago, I did so knowing that the photos could not capture and replace the moment around me. But since this place is not near where I currently live, I wanted something to remind me of this place.
This place is on the grounds of a Moravian Church in Historic Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. A bookstore surrounded by history and culture. A brick walkway leading to a solitary bench and a quiet reminder of God's presence. This place has been a wonder to me since my teen years, drawing me into an idyllic moment where the moment's cares are forgotten and time seems to hold its breath. A magical place that is real which is what we all want in some form or another. A reaching to the back of the wardrobe hoping to feel the trees and snow and see a lamppost brightly burning. This place is my wardrobe and these images are what helps me remember its magic.

photos: the bookstore; it's seasonal window display; the church grounds; the steps leading down to the street and bookstore; looking up; sitting on the bench and looking down.


  1. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Recounting your walk down through memory's lane is matchless. I share
    your thoughts. Your pictures are so engaging.

  2. Thank you, Mom. I know you really like this place too. :)


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