Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas candy rolls

In another lifetime I was an elementary schoolteacher who taught a small class of fourth grade students at a Messianic Jewish school in urban Philadelphia. We celebrated Hanukkah that year by singing to some residents at a nearby retirement home and handing out candy rolls made by my class. It was a busy day of cutting and wrapping and filling and bow-tying. An assembly line was set up and the students took each of their jobs very seriously but I do remember having lots of fun as we worked. This post today is showing you what we made that day to share with some Jewish old folks, but using different wrapping paper and candy. :)

Start with a good mix of individually wrapped candies. I used some chocolate balls this time and found them almost impossible to keep inside as I worked. So I would probably look for other shaped candies that can be packed tightly against each other. Sugar-free candy is also a possibility for those with sugar restrictions.

Take your empty toilet roll(paper towel and wrapping paper rolls can be cut too)and wrap it with a square piece of wrapping paper. I find this is a great way to use up old wrapping paper and scraps leftover from other years.

The size of the paper does not need to be precise, just make sure you have about an inch of paper on each end to tuck inside the roll. And of course, tape the wrapping paper along the seam so it doesn't come undone.

Including a Christmas message or Bible verse is not necessary but can provide something to keep long after the candy is gone. I am experimenting with some new stamps and ink pads so pardon my doodles.

So I just tuck the slip of paper inside first and then fill up the rest of the roll with candy.

Then using clear cellophane wrap usually found with other rolls of gift wrap, wrap the roll up tightly and secure with either a sticker or tape. Make sure you have about 5-6 inches of cellophane wrap on either end to work with.

Carefully twist each end of the roll tightly. The cellophane should remain tightly twisted allowing you to wrap curling ribbon on each end.

Secure each end with ribbon and curl it for a fancier touch

Very easy to make and a treat to receive. Our church is joining with other city churches to give out soup and socks, mitts and hats to homeless people tonight. These are a great addition to any outreach ministry. The supplies are easy to collect and having a big old assembly line is great fun with a whole group. And of course as I started out by telling you, these candy rolls can be made for any reason or holiday. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!


  1. A very cute idea Heather!! I like your taste in wrapping paper (I picked the same up at my local Independent Grocer).

    Also, were you really a 4th grade teacher at a Jewish School?


  2. Thanks Vanessa! And yes, I did teach at a Messianic Jewish school. Perhaps I'll scan a few pics in for proof. :)


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