Saturday, December 04, 2010

snowy garden

My mom's neighbor in Pennsylvania, Tim is a very dedicated gardener and also very generous. Earlier this summer he gave my mom several strawberry plants and she brought one of them across the border to me in a huge metal coffee can. When I was home three weeks ago, Tim popped in the back door with extra bags of bread rolls and in between bits of conversation I managed to ask him what variety the plants were. He said they were an Everbearing strawberry called Tribute which can produce strawberries in the fall. Mine was planted mid-summer and has sent runners everywhere. So I have some reading up to do and maybe we'll have a few backyard strawberries next year!

Also bearing the colder weather well is the parsley. I keep forgetting to go out and cut it and it keeps peeking through the icy crystals and scattered leaves that keep trying to bury it.

And that's the garden as it prepares to go into its winter sleep. Rest well, dear dirt. See you in the spring! :)

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  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I feel like reaching right into that picture and grabbing a handful of that lucious green parsely. =)
    Your strawberry plant looks great too !
    love you,


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