Sunday, May 29, 2011

My soul shall still in God rejoice...

My tongue shall bless you while I live.

I'm not the music buff in our home, that title goes to my husband who brought close to 250 cds into our marriage nine years ago and I probably brought ten. The music library has since grown but mostly due to Shane's musical interests, not mine. And he continues to hold out against the digital download era for the most part and actually still purchases the physical compact disc. I do too, as my Christmas list for Shane was three Ginny Owens cds. Shane was remarking that I really must like her to ask for three of her albums. I do and when the house is empty, except for me, I like to play her music.
The other musician that I have been enjoying recently is Nathan Clark George. I first heard about him from an album put together by Greg Wilbur, the Chief Musician at George Grant's Parish Presbyterian Church in TN. The amount of Scripture incorporated into these songs and hymns is refreshingly different than most pseudo-Christian music. I encourage you to listen to some of the more recent tracks posted on Nathan's site like O God, Thou Art My God Alone, my current favorite which based on Psalm 63.
I do wish we could sing these at our church, but in the meantime I enjoy them as I sing and praise our God and Savior.

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