Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The garden is mostly planted with the exception of the peas, but it's not much to look at yet as the beans and carrots haven't sprouted yet. But here are a few glimpses of what is green.
There are six tomato plants in, two are mine from seed, one is an Early Girl slicing and the other three are a sweet orangey cherry-size, called Sunsugar. I had some from a friend's garden last year and was so glad to find them at our local nursery. I've already prepped the dirt with lime and bone meal to encourage better growth and discourage tomato rot. I'm praying the blight will not be so hard hitting this year.

The romaine was bought as plants and seems to be taking off quite well, although it looks like early on, one the plants was dug up and partially eaten by some creature. My bronze leaf is down to one small seedling which is very disappointing but I may just plant the seed directly to see if I can't add to the number. It's my favorite garden lettuce so I hope to get more plants going.

My one strawberry plant from last year has produced many runners and is now flowering. My mom's plant in Pennsylvania is ahead of mine and she has red ripe berries already but she said they don't have a lot of flavor. We'll see how ours taste, if we get them to ripen.

Found a few garden workers today, hopefully they don't set up an aphid farm, otherwise they're history.

On a final note, I'm farming moss this year. Hoping to cover up our dated patio stones a bit with some nice green moss which I am transplanting from outside the fence and other places. Keeping it watered is the trick apparently, so I'm faithfully dousing those mossy mounds.

*Updated to say a special thank you to my mom for tilling the whole patch during her visit last week, with very little help from me. Love you! ♥

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