Tuesday, October 11, 2011

changing moments

Earlier this summer, two mutual friends unbeknownst to each other both wrote to me for some help about homeschooling resources for their pre-K aged children. I wrote back to not worry about buying curriculum right yet, but to just enjoy this time with their girls of learning and playing interwoven in the everyday.
Right about now, I need to follow some of my own advice. Our girls have steadily become very busy and need much supervision and attention. Traditional lesson time is hard to come by as long as they are awake. So I pray for wisdom and ambition to seize the right moments and let the wrong ones slide by as I tend this little flocks' changing needs. Not a pass to give up and do nothing of consequence, but an opportunity for my children to see what matters most to me is them, not the material.

Tonia says it much better:
a few words for overwhelmed Mamas of little ones
They will thrive under your prayers. A tender, attentive, prayerful mommy with a clear vision for the growth and nurture of her family is a tremendous gift.

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  1. good advice... at any age... thanks for posting!


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