Monday, October 31, 2011

The Tale of the Two Sisters

Once upon a summer, there were two sisters who loved to play together.

One day the younger one picked a golden crab apple from a neighbor's tree. Unsure about this delicacy, the older sister thought and thought.

No, this cannot be good, she thought. I must end this crab apple fest.

Showing her utter disgust, she began to plead with the younger sister to put away such bitter food.

"Orrrrrrraaaaaah, Orrrrrrraaaaaah!" she begged and called.

Seeing no change in her sister's diet, she embraced her and loved her all the same.

The End.

(True story: All photos were published in the order they were taken. And that wasn't the only crab apple the younger sister ate that summer. Blech.)


  1. Thanks for sharing this sweet little story that gives a little slice of your daily life too.

  2. Your daughters are beautiful. A sweet story that will probably be repeated many times over.

    On another note, thanks for your comment about my James. Your kindness was greatly appreciated and your empathy sweetly felt. I look forward to knowing you better via blogging.

  3. Thank you, Hope, for leaving a sweet note to say you were here. :)

    And is it Elle from A Complete Thought? Thank you for taking time to come here. I look forward to knowing more about you as well.

  4. Love your story... :)

  5. Anonymous9:27 PM

    LOVED this story! So sweet!


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