Thursday, December 22, 2011

another kind of birthday celebration

Growing up, our family had two December birthdays to celebrate before the Christmas celebrations officially came. My older sister Beth was first and then ten days later, my younger brother Tim had his turn. My mom has always been fastidious about keeping them separate from Christmas time. Making sure the gift wrap and desserts were birthday themed and that each one enjoyed their day as their own celebration. Although, since we have a December baby too, I know that it is special to remember a child born close to Christmas.

I have heard it said many times, in different ways at this time of year, that Jesus was born to die. But really, that's true of every person that God has ever given life to, from the unborn to the aged. We are all created to die, that's part of the Fall. But Jesus was born, not to just die, but to give His life as a ransom for many(Matthew 20:28), which no other person can say about their own death. His birth was not just the beginning of His life on earth, but the actualization of God's plan to give life to His people chosen before the foundation of the world.(Ephesians 1:4)

It is against this backdrop of life-giving celebration -- Christmas, that our friends and family remember the life of my brother Tim as we come to his birthday yet another year. With a full heart...

*Adding a link entitled Death at Christmas which helps put grief in perspective especially during this holiday season.


  1. Thank you for the reminder that Jesus came not just to die but to give life! Thinking of you and your family yet again this year as I remember a friend and you remember a brother. "Christ was born for this"

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    what a lovely bride you were Heather - praying and loving both you and your mom tonight. Praise God for His gift eternal assurance in Christ. - kathleen


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