Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the Judge of the whole earth

Unbelievers can smell accommodation, and when someone like Christopher meets someone who actually believes all the articles in the Creed, including that part about Jesus coming back from the dead, it delights him. Here is someone actually willing to defend what is being attacked.

Earlier this year, our pastor asked us to pray for two Muslim physicians who he was meeting with regularly to discuss Christianity. He explained that one of them had actually thanked him for speaking truthfully when he asked our pastor if he, a practicing Muslim, would be punished in hell for not believing in Jesus Christ. The Muslim doctor said that he knows that the Bible teaches that unbelievers will go to hell and that he knew he could trust our pastor because he affirmed that teaching. It was strangely heartwarming to know that a Muslim was encouraged by our pastor's willingness to tell him the truth of his condition outside of Christ.

Many others have linked to the post by Douglas Wilson so you probably have already read it, but in case you have not, please take the time. I confess that I finished the last two lines with a lump in my throat.

Christopher Hitchens Has Died, Doug Wilson Reflects

*You can read Doug Wilson regularly at his own site Blog and Mablog
**Only in God's kingdom can a converted Jew(our pastor)be speaking about the truthfulness of Christianity to two Muslim men. :)

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