Tuesday, February 14, 2012

preparing for Easter

We are finishing the last question in our children's catechism book this week after starting over two years ago! Yes, it's an accomplishment that we can enjoy for a little as we work to review and retain that understanding.

The timing couldn't be better as next week we will begin a study designed to prepare us for Easter. It is entitled
Lord, Have Mercy: Discovering Jesus in the Days Before Easter, a Family Devotional Guide for Lent
, and is available as a Kindle download for $2.99. I do not have a Kindle, but Amazon has a free Kindle app which you can download for your computer, which allows you to read any Kindle purchase. Very easy.

The study guide is newly released by Amy Edwards and you can read more about the guide at her blog Veritas at Home, as well as see samples on the Amazon link above.
I took the time after I downloaded it to read through the entire study guide looking at the various Bible passages and discussion questions and I was very much impressed with the insight Amy has put into this study. I can easily say that the study is suitable for anyone, not just for discipling children. If you sincerely desire to study the Word of God and you would like to be meditating on the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus long before Good Friday and Easter Sunday, then I urge you to spend three dollars and download the book for your own studies. I cannot imagine you being disappointed with your time or your money.

*Updated to add: The book is now available from Amazon as a paperback edition as well!

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  1. Heather,
    Thank you for this recommendation! I'm honored.

    Guess what? The book is now available in paperback from Amazon.com:



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