Tuesday, February 07, 2012

true confessions

(Snapping pics on a sunny winter morning, in our bathroom...clearly this is not a charming and classy photography blog. Please see here and here instead.

ingredients I cannot be without:(iow, I am just about helpless if I run low on any of these items)
cheddar cheese
sour cream

sounds in my house that also cannot be tolerated:
crunching crumbs underneath my feet (so I vacuum just about every other day, a real maniac I am)

problems I am minding these dark winter mornings:
my eyesight without my contacts (so sometimes I put them in before I get my shower, I'm real crazy like that)

television channel I wish we could watch, even online:
PBS (if I find one more person blogging about watching Downton Abbey, I'm going to cry)

number of cups of tea I drink each day:
at least 3, with a cup of cocoa some days on the side(but they are not all with caffeine, so that's okay, right? oops, edited for accuracy)

something I am trying to avoid while I get rid of this sinus infection/cold thing:
drinking the cans of Coke hidden away in our basement pantry(I even brought one up today, but I drank some Welch's grape juice instead, such willpower...)

something I've given up trying to explain to most Canadians:
how much better M&M's are than Smarties(Smarties up here are Nestle's answer to M&M's and they are inferior in every way!)

something I'm too lazy to do everyday:
give the girls a bath(no excuses, just some days I just can't get any enthusiasm worked up, terrible mom)

one thing I desperately needed but did not want to have to buy on Amazon:
the Neutrogena 3-pack hand lotion for $60 (I wash my hands all day long, I need good stuff and this is the only stuff that absorbs without leaving a weird residue on my hands, so I took the plunge after not finding it any store anywhere)

some bad news:
My favorite sweater is now old and worn out (shhh, don't tell the poor thing, it just thinks it's hibernating in the top drawer)

some better news:
I now have a new favorite sweater to wear, but only for going out and since that happens less than two times a week, I'm good. (no picture yet, but perhaps one day)

a major life decision I just cannot make up my mind about:
whether or not we should have another baby

Ha, bet you didn't see that last one coming?!

Some days I'm like "yes, let's go for it". And on those other days, I'm wondering what I must be smoking. Good thing Shane is in charge around here. :)


  1. hehe, love this post. Firstly, a few questions:
    1. What do you do with sourcream so often (I agree with the other ingredients)?
    2. How do you not only survive, but thrive, without coffee?
    3. Not really a question but -- Heather! Coke?!?! Really??
    4. Again, not a question: Even this Canadian agrees that M&Ms are superior to Smarties.
    5.Why don't you have Shane bathe the girls? I have probably given my boys 5 baths in their life time. Cory always does it. Does he do it how I would? Not really, but they come out smelling good and mostly clean :)
    6. Have I seen this new favourite sweater?
    7. Easy answer -- we would all love another adorable baby Barnes. :) Easy for me to say. I trust that the Lord will give you (and Shane) wisdom. Thank God for our steady men, eh?

    Love ya,

  2. Oh I laughed!! thanks!!,... well...
    I relate with the vavuming.. here is that and dog hair!!!v aghhh... makes e crazy!!
    tea.. I try to drink water... and so my way is going for tea!.. good for you!
    M&M;s.. no question! much better! but then again, I am nottrue Canadian right? LOL
    baths.... I hear you!
    And yes, I vote for more baby Barns too... what is one more bath to give?.. LOL.

    I enjoyed your post... thank you for a good laugh!! kisses my friend.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Heather, I enjoyed this blog! Another baby sounds wonderful! I keep thinking that I would love another little girl baby; I am enjoying this one so much! :-)

    I am bad about the bathing thing too. Lately, Jonathan mostly does it. My excuse is that I am nursing Olivia at the time. :-)

    I am curious about the sour cream thing. I keep the other ingredients as staples too.

    I love both M & M's and Smarties. :-)

    I love coffee and tea but normally only drink those when we have company. Sometimes, I drink tea with Jonathan in the late evening. I think it's the ambiance I am going for more than anything else. :-)

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I like having all those items in my fridge too, except coke, have no real taste for it.
    Crumby floors? wear shoes.
    In nursing school we were told not to bathe children everyday, too drying on the skin, maybe every second or as needed. After they are trained you can get really lax....:)
    Finally, my vote is let the Lord decide if a baby is right for the Barnes family....you may get another you may not. I haven't conceived since I was 32 (7yrs) God is in control.
    May he Bless you and your precious family. xooxox BM

  5. Heather,
    Funny that the thing I really latched onto in this post is the end of your pink argyle sweater era. What now?!


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