Monday, July 16, 2012

ready and ripening

Veg status:
sun sugar tomatoes: all ripened ones are being eaten as soon as they get yellow enough, so far we're up to three
peas:  getting plumper by the minute
yellow beans:   the junior gardeners picked a small handful for dinner tonight
yellow zucchinis:  one eaten, one remains; vines are starting to ramp up production, bees appear to be busy on the scene, hand pollinating though to make doubly sure they grow
cucumbers:  hand pollinating as well(quick tutorial below) and so far so good, none picked yet

female cucumber blossom

male cucumber blossom(see, no cucumber)

 carefully strip petals off male blossom to expose pollen

apply pollen to female cucumber blossom

a very eager junior gardener

1 comment:

  1. Sandy Neumann10:02 PM

    Your garden is beautiful, and everything looks delicious !!
    Your Junior gardener is adorable. She looks like you.
    Have fun with your garden and adorable children.
    Love Sandy N.


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