Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have been completely wrapped up in planning for our new lessons in September and have pored over book selections for artist and composer study as well as history books to accompany our spine book which is The Story of the World, Volume 3, Late Renaissance to Early Modern.
We had already read about Bach's life, but had not listened to any of his major works, which I knew was sorely lacking.  And of course, just picking one recording became an arduous task all by itself.  I'm just writing today. I will share later all the items I've selected and when I plan to use them, so forgive the lack of usual links and book cover photos.
I buy used as much as I can, which means stalking ebay and amazon for the best editions at the best prices included shipping.  It is much more work this way, but it's great to have the right books as we study through the year.  Being that we live in Ontario, many of the American history titles are not available through our library, so that makes it harder to depend on the library and besides I like to not have the pressure to read it and return it within the usual three week period.  Sometimes my good intentions with a library book, end up only being that, intentions.
My rush to get this all sorted out and ordered is the likelihood of traveling to my parents at the end of the month and being able to bring it back here before the beginning of September.  Plus, we have more travel plans in August which means I want to have it in order before we go on holiday.

Because of the recent hot weather, we took Laura's crib down to the cool basement to sleep with Kate.  It has been okay, but I don't like not being able to hear Laura, naturally, meaning without using the monitor.  So  since the days have returned to more normal summer weather, I hauled just Laura's mattress back up to her room and she's going to learn how to sleep on her mattress on the floor.  Seth was almost the same age when we made the transition and her nap today went well.  She is also working on potty-training and seems to be understanding the sensations, but not fully aware yet.  Traveling and away from home is not the best time to work on it, so I may not push it until later in August.

Our dishwasher ceased washing well a couple of months ago, so while we decided about what to do, we began hand-washing pulling out of storage, a bright red dish-drainer we used our first year in Ontario when our rented townhome did not have a dishwasher.  I've held onto these last five years because it's red and fun and you just never know when you might need it.
I have to say, I have not missed the dishwasher yet.  I didn't realize how much bending over to load and unload I had to do until, well, I didn't have to do it very much.  I also see that we don't need even half the amount of dishes and cups, since I wash everything so frequently, and we don't even own that much to begin with! I'm not saying we won't replace it eventually, but it isn't at the top of the list right now and I'm not minding it all.

The garden is producing quite nicely despite the lack of rain and high heat.  This week has brought the first of the yellow beans and we have picked almost everyday this week.  The cucumbers are coming along and I think the first one may be big enough to pick in a few more days or sooner.

And a few recent photos of the kids:

Seth and a friend looking for anything interesting.

Looking spiffy at a recent concert event attended with me.

A bit blurry, but looking very much like them!

And lastly, I highly recommend the following two pieces of writing for your enjoyment and enrichment.

At my trousseau tea (and, yes, I am telling you, there are still some Southern girls who have trousseau teas!) just days before the wedding, a sweet friend asked what I had left do to. I think she was expecting a litany of final fittings and bridesmaids’ gifts and packing for my honeymoon. But when I told her I was planning on making curtains for the bathroom, she was incredulous.“No,” she said, with as firm a look as I believe her kind brown eyes were capable. “No, Lanier. You are a bride. This week that is all you need to be. I am making your curtains.” 
She would not leave until the fabric was safely in her hands, and as I passed off all the yards of white muslin, I felt like a physical weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was an act of pure love, and, as such, bore the fragrance of God’s love to me. She gave me the gift of hours in my bridal week, for which I was deeply grateful. There is hardly a morning I do not think of it, as I pull back those soft drapes on the eastern light of a new day.

Excerpt from: In Deed and In Truth

Always through the wonderful Scripture verses that remind us of our assurance as believers of eternal life through the death and resurrection of our Lord. As well as the security of the believer and the loving sovereignty of God. As I grew up, all the profound Biblical concepts were regular topics of discussion around the dinner table. They were the “givens” of growing up in a pastors home during the depression and then entering WW II and fighting across Europe in Patton’s 3rd Army. (Scriptures like: John 3:16; John 1: 1 - 5; Rom. 8:28 -39; Eph. 1: 3 - 14; Ps.1; Ps. 23, etc.)These truths were not just what we talked about, they were put into practice on a daily basis and then I saw them work out in little events and on the world scale as I went along in life. We won’t know the full picture until we’re with our Lord in eternity but He graciously gives us glimpses of how He is working and arranging things even in advance. The Lord brought a few of these events to mind even at the lowest points in my recovery:

 Excerpt from: Grandparents


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    What lovely thoughts, and inspirations to set before us..(me)

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I'll dust off my grade 8 Royal Conservatory pieces and see what I have in the way of Bach... I might even play them for you...

    2 Pieces Seth must hear, even if it isn't part of a study:
    Pearl Fishers Duet by Bizet and
    Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. I will have you know I played 2nd trumpet in the latter for the superintendent of the TO school board... ya, I was THAT awesome.

    These two pieces have a wonderful way of erasing the moment's worries. They are so physically moving and mood altering that it reminds me how important it really is to linger on what is lovely. The Lord truly knows how frail our emotions are and drenching myself in this kind of music is fortifying.

    love and blessings,



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