Tuesday, June 04, 2013

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Unbelievable Places
I have seen a few of these images posted on Tumblr, but seeing them again along with the other photos makes my heart soar at the creativity and power of God the Creator.

A teen-aged boy and his sister have created some amazing images featuring him in surreal scenes. This post from his blog provides a quirky and brief explanation of how the photos are done. It will only take a minute to read, but the humor and creativity will stick with you.

Lomelino's Ice Cream Film
Food, film, and music come together in this short film done by Linda Lomelino, a Swedish cook/baker, photographer and band member who blogs at Call Me Cupcake.

Sanna Fyring Liedgren
And if you enjoyed that short film centering on ice cream,  you will enjoy Sanna's films as well, another Swede whose work in the kitchen is captured on film and set to music by her husband. I love seeing her family in the films. And you are a regular shopper at IKEA, you will probably recognize many items from your own kitchen.

Reading and Its Seasons
Lewis’ fiction led to his non-fiction, and woke in me a serious interest in Theology. I read Francis Schaeffer and Julian of Norwich – all the while still loving Roald Dahl and E. Nesbit and Kenneth Grahame. I read some popular Christian authors, but found that most of the “contemporary” authors didn’t have much to contribute to the Conversation. I intuitively sensed that the only real answer to contemporary questions was to abandon the contemporary and seek the timeless.
Siblings Recall Blessings of Family with 17 Children
This is an older article, but if you didn't see it back in 2011, then it's great to read now anyway.

The Due Use of Books
It takes years and years of narration, copywork, and dictation, and the progress is slow and incremental. This can be frustrating when your child is twelve and is still not using capital letters and periods in all his sentences, and your friends are shaking their heads and telling you to invest in a good writing program. Give it more time.
London in 1927
And lastly, from Tim Sparke on Vimeo, color video footage of scenes around London taken in 1927 by Claude Friese-Greene, a British filmmaker and cinematographer.


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