Tuesday, June 25, 2013

summer so far

We're currently visiting with my parents in Pennsylvania and having a wonderful time although the hot and humid weather is bringing a spate of thunderstorms through everyday at some point, but they don't last long before the sun is back out.  We've been swimming and hanging out with my brother's family, eating his delicious food, shopping, taking walks and visiting with the neighbors and having a go at their tree fort built for their grandkids.

Today I bought Seth a fixed blade knife from our local Army and Navy store and required him to read the introduction to this book to help him with his whittling interest. My Mom showed him how to sharpen the blade using her father's whetstone and then she helped him find some fresh branches to practice on.

Vacation is truly a wonderful gift.  I do very little housework here and instead I have extra time to read through the books and curriculum materials that I ordered and shipped here.  Not that I have uninterrupted hours, but it's a more relaxed pace and the kids can play outside with much less monitoring than I have to do at our home in Ontario.

Tomorrow we have plans to go visit some historical places since we studied George Washington and the Revolutionary War this past year.  It has been years since I visited some of these parks, so I'm curious what he thinks about seeing the real historical place.

I have so many areas of study and creative work I want to do which is not really work to me, so I'm trying to give myself time to pursue them.  I'm reading up on how to propagate ferns so I can add to the lonely little plant growing in the front of our house.  And my parents' longtime family friends and neighbors have tons of ferns that she is willing to let me play with and dig up.
I'm also inspired to try to press plants and flowers between cotton fabric instead of the recommended paper towels since my Mom's paper towels all have a pattern on them.  I don't know if the fabric will absorb the moisture as well as paper towel, but as my Mom has always said, "nothing beats a failure like a try."

This world that God has created is so rich in natural beauty that I can't help but be curious and interested in His handiwork.  I hope you feel inspired and motivated too!

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  1. It sounds/looks like you're having a wonderful time! I love the wittling undertaking - such fun. Enjoy your time but remember we look forward to having you back in Ontario! Say hello to your mom for me :)


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