Wednesday, August 14, 2013

for the pleasure

"Who are you making that for? it's very pretty, " asked David, who seemed to be in an inquiring frame of mind that day.
"Any one who wants. I only do it for the pleasure: I always liked pretty things; but, since I have lived among flowers and natural people, I seem to care more than ever for beauty of all kinds, and love to make it if I can without stopping for any reason but the satisfaction."
"'Tell them, dear, that if eyes were made for seeing,
"'Then beauty is its own excuse for being.'"

observed David, who a weakness for poetry, and, finding she liked his sort, quoted to Christie almost as freely as to himself.~Louisa May Alcott, Work
I've written about creating beauty before.  Here are two of the recent posts:
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  1. Devoured your other lovely posts on beauty also - I've had a messy week, kids sick & other messes, house was untidy etc. Took my younger 2 out to piano lessons & got home a couple of hours later to find everything neat & clean & smelling good - 16yr old son created a bit of beauty for his jaded mother. Going out to pick some camellias from the garden to add the finishing touch.

  2. Carol encouraged me to read the other posts too. I was especially struck by the comparison Francis Schaeffer made between the Christian school and the Bohemian establishment.

    I also love Alcott. She isn't complicated but she does seem to get to what is really true and good and beautiful.


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