Tuesday, August 13, 2013

river date

This mountain and the river and creeks that flow around it are in my husband's childhood town, so leaving the kids with his mom for a few hours, we rented a kayak and toured around these waters, passing by the beaver dams and water lilies in calm, reflective waters.  The river current at the base of the mountain gave us a workout, but also plenty of time to see bald eagles flying overhead and roosting in trees.
It is on this mountain that Shane unexpectedly proposed to me as we stood looking over this river and the islands and marsh that stand in its shadow.  It was a chilly November day and after slipping the diamond engagement ring on my finger, he urged me to put my mittens back on so that the ring had no chance of sliding off my cold hand. Years later we returned to climb this mountain when Seth was just a toddler and before we moved away to Ontario.  And now we have new memories of being together on the river and seeing our mountain from another view.

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