Wednesday, September 11, 2013

in grace and mercy

Sometimes you get a glimpse of yourself by reading someone else's words about someone else's problems.
And the glimpse is not how you thought you looked when you looked inside yourself.
Sin robs of us our ability to avoid self-justification of our flaws and misbehaviors.
We excuse so much and demand so little from ourselves because after all, we have problems to deal with.
Someone somewhere isn't doing what we expect and therefore we have problems.

We all have something in our life that is an irritant. Similar to that piece of irritant in the clam's shell, we all struggle with something that we'd rather not be there.  How we treat this irritant makes all the difference.

Perhaps like me, you have seen a glimpse of yourself treating your irritant in a way that will never produce a pearl. Perhaps like me, you long to bathe your irritant in grace and mercy and with gentleness that is beyond your ability.

Perhaps you will pray along with me, that God will accomplish His purpose for that irritant and a pearl of wonder will be produced in your life, to the glory of God.

my free-to-me clematis has finally bloomed. beautiful.


  1. I love the "Someone somewhere isn't doing what we expect and therefore we have problems." My husband, my children, my sisters....

    I remember reading a Tim Keller sermon which said something like: Pride is the most grievous of sins as it's first priority is to blind you to it's presence.

    I am always so sure the problem is outside of me. I am just so sensitive that people should go around walking on eggs shells, all flippant comments were meant to offend, etc etc... pure self-centered junk...

    Great post Heather.

  2. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Good thoughts, Heather!

  3. totally unrelated, but I love the new felted pumpkin border... so cute.

  4. Thank you, girls!

    And Kath, the pumpkin was from the wool factory at Upper Canada Village

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