Tuesday, September 03, 2013

on our table

Potato and Bacon Corn Chowder
 (the full-fat-throw-it-together recipe version)
-boil diced unpeeled potatoes (6ish medium) broth in Dutch oven(I use chicken broth, 3-4 cups)
-cook bacon in skillet, remove bacon, do not drain
-saute chopped onion and minced garlic in bacon fat (oh yes, I do), throw in green onions if you have them
-when potatoes are fork-tender, blend partially with immersion stick, leaving as many chunks of potato as you like
-add frozen or cooked corn on the cob
-add any type of cream or milk, (I don't measure, perhaps a cup or less)
-stir in mostly drained onions and garlic
-crumble in bacon
-add salt and pepper to taste, also a dash of nutmeg
-add fresh or frozen parsley
-stir to combine well
-let it thicken for a few minutes 
(Previously posted last September here.)


  1. YUM! We had a full-fat dinner tonight, too:
    Fettuccine Alfredo, with Caesar Salad AND focaccia bread (with pesto and mozzarella on the top). Yipes. But delish! ;)

  2. kathleen8:46 PM

    Oh, how I have missed your blog Heather! And to think, my first week back in internet-access-land, and you blogged about my favourite food BACON! I am going to make this right now. RIGHT NOW!!! Man, I love your dishware. I love the bowls.

    Love - k

    ps - check out our moss house. Great minds think alike....except when there is a spelling error in the blog title. I probably should have checked that before Gabe got this thing going.... yikes. http://boyadentures.blogspot.ca/


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