Friday, June 06, 2014

According to their kinds

It's that time of year when I cannot get enough of God's creation. It calls to me to come rejoice over every intricate detail and marvelous design. I feel compelled to be like Adam and to name each one, poring over my tree and plant guides, searching on the pages for what my eyes see in front of me. 

Reading the details about each variety and kind brings me right back to the first chapter of Genesis. According to their kinds.
Not just one kind of spruce, one kind of lilac or one kind of oak. But multiple various kinds.  I've been cataloging some of these kinds for my own studies, to name and to know what my God has created. Here are some of His works:

Scotch Pine

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine 

Red Spruce (I think)

possible Swamp White Oak

possible Windflower

flower of Red Osier Dogwood


Ostrich Fern (Pteris pennsylvanica)

Solomon's Seal



  1. So beautiful, all of it, Heather! I love these photos, and good job examining each one and trying to figure out what it is. (I especially like the dogwood flower (pretty!) and the Eastern White Pine.) Yesterday I sat on our front porch and noticed flowers in our front garden that I don't know the names of and decided that will be my next nature journal project: figuring out what they are and drawing them.

    1. Thank you, Stacy! I'm sure your nature journal will be gorgeous, mine looks like a kid's been drawing in it. :)

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Heather! I struggle to know where to begin in my own elementary study of nature -- I think I will begin in my own backyard.


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