Friday, June 27, 2014

nourishing the soul through work and rest

I spent two days this week in my parents' storage area/attic working at clearing out stuff and cleaning up unwanted or broken items. It was hot, humid and dirty both days and by the time dinner was over, it was all I could do to get my three kids ready for bed before collapsing into my bed myself with little motivation to think real hard.  By the end of the second day of hard, dirty work, surrounded by piles of sorted stuff, I felt a bit out of sorts. As if the reward of all this clearing out had come at a personal cost to me, one that cost me something that I felt I needed. It dawned on me very soon, I was parched.  My soul, the real me was feeling parched. While I was thankful to have accomplished much for my parents' sake, I felt that I had neglected something very necessary to my state of joy and wonder in my soul. For two days, I had not taken time to enjoy the beauty of the summer day on my parents' beautiful property, capturing with my camera and my own eye the glorious aspects of God's creation. I had drained myself in my work and had not taken time to walk around and notice beauty. I was simply too weary to motivate myself to get out there and enjoy anything.  And it only took two days of missing this important time before I felt the neglect in my own spirit.

I am so happy to be accomplishing something helpful to my parents. I am thrilled that they can let go of things, especially the hard things like my brother Tim's clothes and personal effects. They are not seeking comfort in his things, they seek comfort from God's kindness to them.  I am excited that there will be more space to store the necessary items in a more organized and functional way. It is rewarding to work and accomplish a goal.
It is also necessary to take time to read, meditate and enjoy the goodness, truth and beauty around us. And then to be able to record what the eyes see, the mind thinks, and the soul rejoices over is a gift from our Creator.  To pray for the persecuted church while one boxes up old Bibles for charity, to remember God's faithfulness to our family in having this home together, for enjoying the memories of years gone by, to be free from needing the stuff around us to give us contentment and to remember with hope of seeing our loved ones again in the new heavens and the new earth.  All this is a gracious gift, but for me also taking time to enjoy God's creation is what further nourishes my soul and gives new life to my spirit and cannot suffer neglect.


  1. So true- the necessity of taking time to enjoy the beauty. And you captured it in those photos. I am mesmerized by that first photo. BEAUTIFUL. I would love it there!

  2. Thank you, Stacy. It is a wonderful view.


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