Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Singing the Psalms

Psalm 25A with piano

If you are unfamiliar with the tune or just prefer the piano accompaniment, open the mp3 link above in another tab to hear the music.

Psalm 25A
(To You, I Lift My Soul)
Tune: Leominster

To You I lift my soul;
LORD God, in You I trust.
O do not let me suffer shame;
And let my foes not boast.
Yes, those who wait on You
No shame shall ever see;
Let shame be theirs who without cause
Behave with treachery.

Instruct me in Your paths;
LORD, make me know Your way.
Teach me and make me follow You,
That in Your truth I'll stay;
Since You have been my God,
The One who rescues me,
For You I'm waiting all the day;
I wait expectantly.

Your tender mercies, LORD,
Your steadfast love recall,
For these are things that have endured
Throughout the ages all.
My youthful sins, my faults,
Do not bring these to mind;
O LORD, remember me in love,
For You are good and kind.

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  1. Kathleen5:36 PM

    This is one of my favourites... along with 67C and 139 any of them....

    I know it's a contentious issue this psalm singing doctrine of ours. I don't struggle with the loss of my beloved hymns the way I thought I would. His psalms are perfect. The psalter offers the promise of easier memorization of Scripture - lines and lines of scripture stocked away with a familiar tune.... it's totally CM-ish.... I love it. I feel as Paul felt, that all the warm-feelings and comfort I associated with "worship music" I now count as loss in light of God's Holy Word.



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