Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a covering

This is the fall we know.

This is also the fall we know. The empty trees laid bare of all their covering. Nests of birds and squirrels exposed for us to find. Every time I find one I think, there you were the whole time.
And then I am humbled to think that this is how God sees me. He looks past the covering and sees the real me, all the time. And He loves me.
That is the amazing part of the Fall. He sees us as He did the first man and woman exposed in their sin. He loved them and treated them as His children, with chastening and provision. We have all been laid bare, we have all been exposed, we need His chastening and provision.
The way through the Fall was shown in the birth, death and resurrection of God's Son, Jesus Christ. As we look ahead to celebrating the time of Advent and the Incarnation, we can rejoice that as God's children, we have been given a covering which will never be laid bare. Jesus Christ's covering is forever. We have no shame, we have been covered.


  1. Probably my favourite Keller sermon (maybe second only to the one on Abraham and his covenant with God) is the sermon on the Fall. We try so hard, like our first parents, to quickly sew fig leaves to cover our sin. We make junky, perishable covers for our shame. I love that God did not delay in His dealings with them, or with us: it was the first order of business after their confession and God's admonishment. God provides eternal cover. Great post, Heather.

    1. I always appreciate your comments, Kath. Of course, you must realize how magnanimous I am in letting you repeatedly post your love for Tim Keller on my blog. LOL Love you!


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