Wednesday, November 19, 2014


In bookish news, I finished off Middlemarch last week in a dedicated reading manner. And when it was over, I paged back through it, looking over various passages as I toyed with the idea of starting it all over again now that I get the storyline. Perhaps it may get revisited, but for now here is this week's quote from Peter Pan which made me smile when I read it.

"For a moment after Mr. and Mrs. Darling left the house the night-lights by the beds of the three children continued to burn clearly. They were awfully nice little nightlights, and one cannot help wishing that they could have kept awake to see Peter; but Wendy's light blinked and gave such a yawn that the other two yawned also, and before they could close their mouths all the three went out."
~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


  1. Yawning is contagious ;) What a fanciful passage. Lovely. Thanks!

  2. I actually hated Peter Pan the first time I read it. I'm not sure why. But then I stumbled on an annotated copy at the library and just gobbled that up. I'm still working on The White Company, but then I'll give a try to Middlemarch. :)


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