Friday, December 12, 2014

just a few Christmas books...

Slowly, we are building a collection of good Christmas books that we look forward to reading each year. For the last several years, I have wrapped twenty-four books and the kids have taken a turn unwrapping one each day until Christmas Day. This year, I started wrapping and forgot to take photos until at least a third of the books were wrapped. Doh!

And the rest are helpfully sitting here, clothed in their paper finery waiting to be picked. We have more than twenty-four books in our own collection, so some of the lengthier books do not get gift-wrapped because they take longer than one sitting to read. Great classics like The Story of Holly and Ivy, The Christmas Carol or Tolkien's fun Letters from Father Christmas.

And then we have the library books, some of  which get borrowed every year until we get our own copy, and others which we test run to see what we think. Wenceslas, Christmas Farm, and A Star for Christmas are old library favorites(and mine), the rest of the books pictured below are newly discovered ones that made the cut for this post. The rest are going back to the library. But my request list has more books coming so hopefully we will have more to add to this list for another year.

One of Laura's favorites

Seth loved this edition. 

A unique story from Patricia MacLachlan.


  1. Good picks.
    Anything by Mary Lyn Ray is a good one. (Arvilla and Alva is my favourite, then basket moon)
    I loved the art in the beautiful Christmas tree.

    I'm ordering the rest.... right now.

  2. I have been wanting to start a collection of good Christmas books- I have so few. Thanks for the ideas! I love your book posts.

  3. I like your new header. :) This is a great list! I've not heard of a lot of these. So many books. So little time. :)

  4. Girls, I'm so glad to know that my love for good books is in such good company. :)


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