Tuesday, February 24, 2015

our studies

I made these photo collages up earlier this year but never got around to posting them. This represents just some of the books and materials we have been working through this year with Seth.
I had hoped to post links but in order to make this still relevant, I'm afraid I just have to post it as is. If you have questions about anything, just ask me.


  1. I have a few questions. :) How old is Seth? (or what grade?) And, what are the two science books on the far left in the top collage? Do you follow any curriculum or do you just pick your own books? And are the bottom 3 pictures in the second collage all "The Story of the Greeks"? Looks like a cool book!

    Ok. So that was more than a few! Sorry! :D

  2. Hi Catie, thanks for you interest.
    Seth is just over 11.5 years old and is doing Year 6 with mostly Ambleside Online(AO). I do deviate from some of their book suggestions, but I do follow Charlotte Mason's methods of wide variety of readings and narrating, for starters.
    The science books that I think you are asking about are both by Jeanne Bendick, "Along Came Galileo" and "Galen: The Gateway to Medicine".
    Those history photos are from Genevieve Foster's "Augustus Caesar's World". She writes excellent history books with are used with AO in various years.
    If I missed something or you have more questions, let me know. :)

  3. Thank you, Heather! Sorry to be so high-maintenance! ;o) I'm going to add some of those titles for future reference. Thank you!

    1. Umm, my children are high-maintenance, this is nothing. :)

  4. These are such fantastic resources, Heather. The Faraday and the Galen biography's were huge hits about here.
    I am even coming around the Saxon...
    Thank you for such a helpful post.



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