Tuesday, February 10, 2015

surrounded by love

I posted this comment of my personal Facebook page very early this morning:

"Just got my quarterly reminder yesterday from someone close to us that other "Down's kids are talking, singing and dancing. You need to be doing more for Kate." 

There were other remarks too. I always take my medicine like a good girl and usually rally to point out some new skill she has learned. It always falls on deaf ears."

Many kind friends have poured out their kindness and love to our family in encouraging comments.
Before lunch, I took this photo of Kate and posted it just a few minutes ago with these words:

"In light of my previous post, thank you to all of you. xo"


  1. Exactly, we learn at the pace our Creator gave us. And not only Down's kids, but all of us. You just hang in there and keep on letting your little one learn at her own pace.

    1. It means so much to me that you visited here and left these kind words of encouragement. Thank you, 'Annie Kate'.

  2. I know I would be blessed by a little girl who helped to wash and put away the dishes, set tables, tidy kitchens and act as an all around little mother to everyone around her. You even help mommy ensure all the screw top lids in the kitchen are tight enough...just in case.

    Kate has consistently brought me my coat and boots as I ready to leave and then insisted that I've left my scarves/mittens/etc in the cupboard... She's a lovely host.

    Katie - you disarm everyone with your sweet affection. We wouldn't trade you for anything.

    1. Well, you know all that helpfulness does come at a cost sometimes, like hiding the scarf you are looking for behind her back, and stuffing the thing you were just using in one of her many collections of bags, etc. LOL
      thanks for reminding me of all the ways you love her. xo


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