Friday, March 13, 2015


Seth, Laura and I attended a Lego contest hosted by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum last week. Kate stayed with our dear friend, Gerda so that I could relax and not have to keep her out of trouble. We had a good morning together participating in the Lego activities and then going through the museum. This is our second time at this museum; last year we went to the same Lego event even though Seth wasn't registered. This time, they were both registered to bring a space themed Lego creation. Seth did so well talking to everyone who came by to see his elaborate Lego set-up. I was so proud to hear him interacting with both museum staff, his peers and other interested parents and students. Laura was her usual shy public self and talked to no one, although she did shake her head in respond to some questions, but that was it. You would have never known how much of a chatterbox she can be from her time behind the table. Definitely different personalities in these two, but they still enjoy playing together, except for when they don't. Ha!

These photos are all from this past week. Shane and Seth built a bobcat from Lego Mindstorm which Seth can remotely control. He's been practicing picking up small items and Kate is always standing by to 'assist'. You can imagine how that is appreciated.

My parents and uncle had a lovely spring bulb flower bouquet sent for my birthday this past week. Here is what it looked like before I distributed the balloons. Note Kate's socks and leggings. She is quite a character when it comes to dressing and wardrobe changes. You never know what she is going to come downstairs wearing next. And sometimes she is told to go back up and change for various reasons which is not usually what she wants to hear.

The middle part of this week brought mild temperatures so we all headed outside to take advantage of it. I shoveled off my flower bed to hunt for any signs of green and I was rewarded by a few sprigs. Seth and Laura took to the packy snow and worked on various projects, including Seth's snow fort. Kate walked around with a doll stroller after loitering around all of the neighbor's front doors where kids live. I told her to move along and stop staring in their front doors. Nosy neighbors are the worst!

One morning this week, I came downstairs after having had my shower and here the two girls were sitting coloring together on the same chair. Laura explained with a cute smile that they liked sharing chairs. Alrighty then.

Seth took a turn with a short-lived stomach bug but seems to be on the mend already. But it lasted long enough to excuse him from most of his independent work yesterday and today. Although we did do our Morning Time today, so he didn't entirely get to slack off, but it is Friday after all and we've worked hard all week.
Here's a few more photos of my beautiful bouquet which is just getting better with each day. Thanks again, Mom, Dad and Uncle David. It has been a wonderful gift to enjoy.


  1. Oh! Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

    I am very glad indeed that you were born. I've been repeatedly blessed knowing you. I love your wittiness, your earnest and imploring questions. I love your pointed conversation - a mile a minute. I love just trying to keep up with your brain. And....I love your books.

    Your grateful friend,


    1. Oh my, I'm blushing. Thank you so much, but you bring out the best of my brain. Love you very much.

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Oh the two sisters who like to sit together! so very sweet .. and the Spring Flowers too are making me so very excited for Spring and Easter!
    also ..the contrast between your two children's Lego creations are adorable. The boys filled with detailed machinery and your girls minimal design with a carefully chosen color scheme [which I personally LoVe!]

    a great Month


    1. Lia, Seth helped a lot with Laura's creation, actually I think as he recounted it, "she told me what to build and I made it for her."
      Bring on the flowers, this snowy winter's turn is over! :)

      thanks for commenting here


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