Wednesday, August 26, 2015

kindred ideas

An idea is more than an image or a picture; it is, so to speak, a spiritual gem endowed with a vital force -- with power, that is to grow, and to produce after its kind. It is the very nature of an idea to grow: as the vegetable germ secretes that it lives by, so, fairly implant an idea in the child's mind, and it will secrete its own food, grow and bear fruit in the form of a succession of kindred ideas.
We know from our own experience that, let our attention be forcibly drawn to some public character, some startling theory, and for days after we are continually hearing or reading matter which bears on this one subject, just as if all the world were thinking about what occupies our thoughts: the fact being, that the new idea we have received is in the act of growth, and is reaching out after its appropriate food ~ Charlotte Mason, Home Education (p. 173-174, pink edition)

Ah, so that's it.
All these years and now I know why this happens.

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  1. Yes! I've had some similar thoughts just this week. All these seemingly unrelated & diverse things that have connected together. So encouraging.


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