Friday, August 14, 2015

more Pennsylvania

I already had this post started so I thought I would bounce back to our time with my parents and my uncle as we celebrated Laura's birthday early with them.

Then later that evening, we hung around outside watching the firework displays that shot up in various corners of the neighborhood for the Fourth of July. I gave up capturing the fireworks and turned my camera to my parents' house lights.

Later in the week, my mom and I took the kids to a local cave with a river underground coming from an unknown source. I had been there once many, many years ago, but the girls had never been to a cave before. It was a neat experience, but difficult to capture good photos since my camera came with tons of settings but none marked caves and kids. We had to wait about an hour for a public tour to be available so we did their nature trail and then posed indoors with the old-school dinosaur diorama scene just outside the gift shop and cave entrance.

And it wouldn't be a trip home to Pennsylvania without stopping in to admire the grounds and buildings of The Moravian Bookshop and church. I try to capture it on camera every visit, but the tranquility, beauty and history is hard to reproduce with just images. An older man with his art easel and oil paints was standing right on the brick sidewalk his eyes flitting back and forth between his canvas and his landscape. I admired his work for a moment before chasing after Kate. If I had a list of places that are good for the soul, this surely would be at the very top.

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