Thursday, November 05, 2015

a month of Sundays

I cannot keep up and it's alright.
The deluge of days and all that they contain keeps washing over me. But it is a sea of goodness as the time is spent caring for my family, hosting an earlier visit from my parents, serving with our church family, studying and reading good books with close friends, enjoying the seasonal changes and indulging in some Netflix when the exhaustion catches up with me. Our kids have several more sessions of gym and swim class and indoor soccer before we hibernate for winter.  Saying winter right now seems a lot like Basil Fawlty saying hotel inspectors. Both are very real and can fill one with dread at times. Winter does however, brings its own sweet pleasures, but there is no rush for them to be delivered just yet.


  1. I have gone too long without thinking of Basil Fawlty.... Watery Fowls was one of my favs... I mean Fawlty Towers....

    I know the dread of winter is looming, but winter on your river sounds pretty lovely. Get your skates back out. I want an action photo from you this year. Never mind this standing around looking like yo can skate.

    I love watching your blog; slow, late, whatever.

    love - k

  2. You're welcome to borrow some Watery Fowls if you like, we have it on dvd.
    I can skate in straight lines, turning is hard. You ask too much.
    love you back.


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