Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Book Borrower's Oath

There comes a time in most healthy friendships where the exchange of books begins to take place. This oath is designed to help facilitate that process and to encourage private librarians that they can safely lend their books and still keep their friends. With this in mind, I give you, The Book Borrower's Oath, to be administered as seen fit.

"I understand that I am borrowing this book from a good friend who would like me to enjoy this book, all the while, seeking to protect and this cherish this book from all foreseen and more importantly, unforeseen injuries or incidents. I do this because while I value the ability to borrow the book, I value the friendship above all.
I understand that while there may be no set return date, I should not place the book in some dark corner awaiting to-be-read or languishing on dusty shelves as someone else may be waiting to borrow the same book.
If I find that I am having trouble finishing the book in a timely manner (which should be considered almost exclusively from the lender's point of view so as not to presume upon the friendship or perhaps worse, lose book borrowing privileges in the future), I understand that it is better to return the book promptly with the hope to borrow it again if I am so inclined.
If the lender should have to request that perhaps I could return the book soon, I refuse to take offense and instead, shall return the book as soon as possible, accompanied by a box of chocolates or some other act of kindness that will promote the health of the friendship and further book related discussions
Above all, if I do not enjoy the book as much as was anticipated, I shall presume that the fault lies entirely with my own literary palate and that given time, the hollowed eyeglasses of maturity, I will attain wisdom and understanding into the virtues of said borrowed book.
This I do pledge with all sincerity and bookishness."


  1. I hereby swear it.

    Heather, as I look about my house, many of my books remind me of you. Especially the books I have in ziplock bags.... You just never know when a mug of sticky cocoa is going to upset my brand new copy of The Princess and the Goblin. You really can't be too careful.

  2. You always make me laugh. Love you very much, my fellow book lover.


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