Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Portland, Day 1

We took the light rail train west out of downtown Portland to the Taulatin Nature Preserve Center where we followed a series of trails through beautiful tree-lined paths. We met many other visitors, some on bikes, some jogging, others pushing strollers and carrying babies. Most of the trees towered way over us, with all varieties of moss, lichen and leaf canopy all around. It was beautiful.
The sun shone with orange light through the hazy air as reports of forest fires all around Oregon burn through forests unabated.

This bowl filled with plant life could turn and spin once started and then you could peer through each kaleidoscope to see the patterns created.

 This tree had virtually no needles left, moss was dripping from every branch instead.

This is a view of our hotel from across the plaza in downtown Portland. We are staying on the eleventh floor and have an interior room which overlooks an inner atrium. But I do look out of one of those windows in the morning on my way down to get complimentary coffee served in the atrium.

Pieology is a great pizzeria that we have enjoyed twice so far. You can order one of their creations or request your own toppings. The Hickory BBQ Chicken is definitely our favorite.

After resting in our hotel, we had a brisk walk across the Willamette River to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to take in an IMAX documentary and then, a submarine tour!

Shane starts his tech conference tomorrow, so for the next three days, I'm on my own during the daytime. I have a list of things to see and do as long as the air quality permits outside adventures, otherwise I'll hole up in the beautiful Central Library.

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  1. The height of the trees was amazing to me. the West is on fire- affecting air quality for sure! Portland seems to be a beautiful town to visit. thank you for sharing your pictures, it's much better than being there, in my viewpoint. I do not have to contend with all the intricacies of adventuring. :)


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