Friday, September 08, 2017

Portland, Day 2

We walked out of our downtown hotel Tuesday morning and took the light rail train to the Oregon Zoo stop which is underground. We emerged from the elevator and immediately noticed the air quality was much poorer due to forest fire ash swirling heavy in the air. The zoo opened a few minutes later and one of the managers announced to the small group entering with us that they were allowing the animals out, but would be continually assessing the situation to see if the animals remained outside. As we began our tour of the zoo, I was blinking my eyes often, but very soon we were surrounded by lush trees and vegetation and the air quality improved dramatically.
We had a wonderful morning, the landscape was beautiful and we saw almost every animal we were looking for.  It is a lovely place to enjoy creation.
I've posted a few of the videos I took of entertaining animal behavior after the photos.

Can you spot the two dead white rats in the eagle area?

For my guinea-pig obsessed children. 

The area where the elevators take you to the underground trains.

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  1. How exciting for the children! The zoo has a good diversity of animals and they seem to be acclimated to their surroundings. speaking of climate... hope the air quality improves soon, it is so hard to breathe with smoke and ash in the air. i am also enjoying the sights of Portland as I have never been there. thank you for posting!


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