Friday, November 01, 2019

traveling window

Two weeks ago, we traveled from our home in eastern Ontario to southern New Brunswick to celebrate the wedding of Shane's youngest brother and spend a week with family and friends. Without traffic or construction delays, it is just over a ten hour road trip. We left on a Saturday morning and followed the recommended route of taking the toll highway around Montreal, crossing two bridges only a few miles apart. (In the past, we have opted to travel south through New York, New England and Maine instead of Quebec.) We encountered no traffic and we were soon out in the Quebec countryside admiring the views and casually ignoring all the signage in the French-only province. Beginning under a blue sky, I snapped pictures through the windows all day as the clouds began to thicken and then open to admit a lovely evening sunset.
During one rest stop, we let Flossie out on her leash to explore and stretch her legs. She is an excellent traveler so far and this is the longest trip she has made to date. Two picnickers kept their eye on us no doubt wondering what kind of people put their cat on a leash.
We followed the Saint Lawrence River north along the Trans-Canada Highway until it was time to turn south into Northern New Brunswick which follows the winding Saint John River south through the province. The rock formations and mountains in both provinces loomed over us until we climbed high enough to look across them. It was a beautiful day of scenic driving
After crossing into Atlantic Standard Time, we safely reached the home of dear friends before dark and enjoyed a delicious charcuterie board filled with sweet and savory snacks before settling the kids to bed.



  1. I felt compelled to look into the Ha! Ha! city... so Ha-ha is archaic French for an impasse. :-) But were the exclamation points really part of the word back then? Hmmm...

    What a beautiful time of year to make such a trip through gorgeous countryside!

  2. GretchenJoanna, I've done some reading up on it too and the exclamation marks do seem conspicuous! Although the idea of a haha as a wall hiding some landscape location does seem like someone was having a good time in old France. :)


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