Wednesday, July 15, 2020

May quarantine

I spent so much of our winter inside wishing for warm sunny days that when the weather finally broke in mid-March and the snow was melting a little quicker everyday, I wanted to make up for all my missed outside time. Oh, and my exercise program had a checkmark for daily walking which was a motivator through March and April. 
But by May, with spring life bursting outside, going outside to explore and look carefully for beauty and goodness was all pleasure and no program needed to motivate me. A few times we met up on the trails and homesteads of local friends who also wanted to run and climb and play with sticks and pet hens and baby goats.
On my morning solo walks, I kept noticing landscaping and planting carefully tended and blooming in pleasing arrangements. As I walked different streets and into the older part of our neighborhood, I found green walkways between streets and pleasant tree-lined streets that were shady and blossoming with life. For several years now, I have been reading and following topics such as new urbanism, traditional building, street design, pocket-neighborhoods, permaculture, human scale/walkability, and others. I do not have an architect's mind for math, ratios and scale, so many of these topics require me to look carefully at the diagrams, drawings and photos to understand what is being discussed. In the meantime, I enjoy exploring all sections of our town on foot and looking at what good ideas have been implemented.

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