Sunday, April 26, 2020

April quarantine

This month marks two years since we sold our old house in a small village about thirty minutes from our current town. We were prepared for multiple showing and juggling kids and kitty away from home, but after only one showing, we received an offer for full price and our agent negotiated an extra two weeks for the closing date. And with that problem solved, my husband turned his full sights on where to go next. He suggested our current neighborhood as we did a drive-by and I wasn't convinced. A couple of weeks later, he suggested we come here again and walk through the model home. We toured the home and it was very nice, but the lots are small and houses close together. It wasn't the rural property I wanted. 
But in the end, the older established houses we looked at had high asking prices for the amount of work that they would need and I agreed to building a new home in a new town. And now two years later, like everyone else in the world, we are under a lock-down of sorts due to the corona virus and missing the activities and lifestyle that our little town and surrounding area offers. And yes, our new property lot is small and not the expanse I dreamed of, but tending this new plot with wintered sod is what I do have. 


  1. I love all the family pics. My fave is your daughter in the wagon. And the Easter buns. I've been so thankful for our yard and very-suburban-America-feeling neighborhood during the shut down. (Literally, our neighborhood in Kosovo was designed to "feel" like an American neighborhood. People in Kosovo love the US! Sometimes more than it seems like Americans do. . .)

    1. Alexandra,
      You may not see this very late reply but I always love reading your posts about your travels and experiences abroad. You talk about all the same things that interest me too!


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