Friday, October 28, 2022

beauty in the kitchen

A couple of years ago while going regularly to our then new town's wonderful thrift store, I began to look for non-plastic utensils to replace the black nylon ones that I had accumulated since we were married. It started with collecting wooden spoons and spatulas of all kinds very inexpensively and enjoying the feel and handwashing of these beautiful items. 
By the time we moved away from that historic town and its thrift shop, I had a lovely collection of useful everyday kitchen items that I kept on my countertop. Setting up a kitchen again last year, I found myself putting the last few black nylon pieces I hadn't replaced yet in a drawer close at hand, but not on display. 
Determined to find beautiful but also comfortable and durable pieces to replace them, I started a list of what I needed to find. Slowly, I am building a collection that both suits my kitchen work and that brings pleasure and beauty to it. (Next project, upping my tablecloth ironing game so it's not just for company meals. Those sad little wrinkles just jump out at me now!)

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