Friday, October 28, 2022


We have many parks, trails and shore areas to explore both by the river and the ocean. The river is very close to our home so many of the places we explore are part of this river system. The river shorelines are all rocks and pebbles, not actual sand but they are comfortable to walk on and many of the rocks are large enough to sit or stand on.  Our river is part of the group of tidal waters that are affected by the nearby Atlantic ocean so there are posted tide times to help you plan your use of the river and other bodies of water. Born and raised in a land-locked state of Pennsylvania, this tide business is very fascinating to me although the gravitational pull from the moon is truly over my head. But I enjoy looking for bits of rock and shell to add to our nature collections no matter what the tides are doing.
Interestingly enough, covered bridges are very common here in New Brunswick just like they are in the areas I'm from in Pennsylvania. And of course, when I drive through one, I toot the horn just for safety's sake, you know!

Laura's birthday this year was celebrated in stages with friends and family joining in at various times as events permitted. After a wonderful day, we packed the car and we met up with extended family in southern Nova Scotia for the funeral of my husband's grandmother. An overnight stay and then back to New Brunswick to have more time with visiting family and an early birthday celebration for a special girl cousin.

Walking on trails, over bridges and through forests is one of my favorite outdoor activities and something we can all do together. I'm very grateful that our municipalities have set aside space for conservation and cultivation of public land use. Gotta love those Parks and Rec people!

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