Monday, March 26, 2007

Know your books?

I just recently finished reading a unique autobiography published in 1877 by a female author, just months before her death.(Actually some versions say after her death.)
Scratching your head?
Did I mention this is a fictitous autobiography?
Written about the life of
Know what book it is yet?
Click here to find out.

I picked up an illustrated copy at a church book sale in February after being reminded of the book by a Final Jeopardy question of all things.
I had never read the book, but I knew it was considered a classic in children's literature. I hesitantly paid $2 for the illustrated hardcover, hoping that I wasn't wasting my money on a boring read. Looking for light reading material this weekend, I took it off the shelf(soon to be boxed up) and mostly read it from cover to cover in two or three sittings.
As I told my husband, you don't expect it to hold your attention unless you are a "horse" person, of which I am not. But the flow of the story is quick with short chapters and a mostly chronological first "horse" narrative. And the edition I have is beautifully illustrated with full page color artwork generously dispersed throughout the book.
I really enjoyed the book and also learned quite a lot of horse lingo in the process.
For instance, did you know that horses after running hard and sweating should not be given a bucket of cold water to drink? Apparently, without proper blankets, the cold water can give them a chill which can lead to forms of pneumonia and endanger their life. A hot drink with hot food is what helps them cool down safely.
See, interesting stuff, even for those of us who have no experience with horses.

On another note, I'm attempting to read the ever popular The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with virtually no success due to lack of interest on my part. I find it be nonsensical and cold. Sorry, but I'm just not a sci-fi girl. I probably will skim the rest of the book before returning it to the library next week. And I have no shame in saying that I quit books that I don't like, which hardly ever happens to this bookish girl.

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