Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nico is a She!

Yes, it's true, our little kitty is not the boy we were told he was.
After spending much of last week listening to howling and mournful meowing, I called the vet on Saturday morning to explain the symptoms and discuss getting the cat fixed. She said the "in-heat" behavior matched that of a female cat, not a male and I soon realized that we to needed to inspect our furry feline's posterior.
Thanking her, I hung up and grabbed the cat. Quickly checking, I ran upstairs to spill the news to my husband, "Nico is a girl!".
I verified the results of my brief exam with photographs from the internet and confirmed that Nico(named for the NT Nicodemus by the previous owners)was actually a Nicole.
We've decided to keep the name the same, but referring to her as a "she" after more than six months is the more difficult part.
Lesson learned: always get to the "bottom" of the matter firsthand! :)

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